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Mexia High School School Exemption Schedule 2014-2014
Mexia High School
Semester Exam Schedule
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Semester Exam Schedule:
Dec. 17th   Dec. 18th   Dec. 19th  
Period Time Period Time Period Time
1st 8:00-9:30 4th 8:00-9:30 Tutorials 8:00-9:00
3rd 9:45-11:15 6th 9:45-11:15 7th 9:15-10:45
Lunch 11:15-12:00 Lunch 11:15-12:00 9th 11:00-12:30
5th 12:05-1:35 8th 12:05-1:35 Lunch 12:30-1:00
Tutorials 1:50-3:27 Tutorials 1:50-3:27    
Semester Exams: Students will take semester exams in each course enrolled at the end of the semester.
Each class subject exemption is independent of the other and students must meet the following criteria in order to be exempt from their semester exams:
 Exemption Policy:
Students may be exempt from semester and final exams in classes where they meet at least one of the following criteria:
 Semester grade of 90 or above with no more than 3 absences for the semester and no more than 3 tardies for the semester.
 Semester grade of 80-89 with no more than 2 absences for the semester and no more than 2 tardies for the semester.
 Semester grade of 70-79 with no more than 1 absence for the semester and no more than 1 tardy for the semester.
Discipline referrals during the semester resulting in ISS, suspension or DAEP will result in loss of exemptions for the semester.
Students that pass their EOC’s in the spring semester,(Alg. 1, Biology, Eng. I, Eng.II, US History) will automatically be exempt from those classes with two exceptions:
               1. Students must be passing the class.
               2. Students must follow the Discipline Referral Policy.
Students only have to attend classes for which they are not exempt. Students that ride a bus, arrive early, or do not have a way home after taking an exam will be monitored at school.
If students are exempt from all exams they must sign in at the office by 10:00 each morning.

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Mexia High School Announcements
Driver Education
Relay For Life
October 13, 2014        
Dear Parent,
                This letter is to both inform you and commend you for having a student here at Mexia High School that cares about others!  Your student has signed up to participate in the Limestone County Relay for Life.  This will be a fun event, but it is also a very important event and the largest fundraiser for American Cancer Society in the nation.  Although most of our team members are in the HERO Group, which means they are juniors and seniors, and often go out into the community unsupervised to give back, we did allow and encourage underclassmen to sign up as well.  Therefore, we want to send this letter home to inform you of the event’s odd time and conditions.   If you allow your student to join us on Saturday, October 18th, it begins just before 6:00 PM and goes until 6:00 AM. This is not a typo… the event goes all night long.  Please understand that they will not be “chaperoned” the entire time… although there are some teachers who plan on being there for the duration of the event, including myself, this is not a school function…. this is a community function.  In other words, I will be there for your student the entire time, along with other teachers, but ultimately we are not responsible for your student at this event.  At Mexia High School, the HERO group is here to connect your child to the community, allow them to learn to be civically responsible, show them how to give back to the place that gives to them, and how to be a contributing member of society as whole…. both now and after they graduate.  Everything a HERO does is voluntary, with no extrinsic reward, you should be proud that your child has signed up to be a part of this… but you should also know that your child will be expected to behave like an adult, as there are many other adults from our community who will have teams at this event, and although there are lots of fun things going on, there will also be a lot of serious things happening.  We have some businesses, who have agreed to donate food for our team that evening, and some parents who have volunteered to prepare it for part of the evening, but your student may want to bring some money for other extra foods and items that will be for sale at the event.  Your child may bring sleeping bags, tents, etc.  Your student will be expected to find their own way to the event and home from the event.  Different students have signed up for different times to be there, and some have opted to stay the entire 12 hours.  Talk with your student to find out when they will be there.  I have told the students that if they leave, they will not be allowed to return.  If you choose not to allow your child to participate they will still be “on the team” and receive the team t-shirt.  Thank you for all you do as a parent, we appreciate you.  If you are interested in helping out this Relay for Life Team, or the HERO group, or if you have any questions…please call me at the school. 254-562-4010.
                                                              Jodie Maki, HERO sponsor
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